Options For Installing New Mobile Home Skirting

If you're renting a mobile home, one of the things you should discuss with your landlord is whether or not you can change the skirting around the home. Skirting is designed for two purposes. Primarily, it offers an insulating benefit to protect the pipes under the home from temperature exposure. In addition, it helps to improve the general appearance of the home. If you want to add your own personal flair to the property, ask your landlord about swapping it out for skirting of your choice. Read More 

Don’t Act Like A Rookie: How To Be Prepared When You Are A First Time Homebuyer

There are few things more exciting than getting ready to purchase your first home. Even when you have never gone through the process before, you can take steps to be better prepared for when you find your dream home. You don't want to let your enthusiasm push you into paying too much for a home, or jumping at the first accepted offer. The home buying process takes time and negotiation. The more prepared you are when you begin looking for homes, the better chance you will have at paying a fair price for a home that you love. Read More 

How Safe Is Your Stuff? What Belongs In Your Home Safe

Are your valuables secure? If you use a fireproof home safe, then you can rest easy knowing that important documents, cherished family keepsakes, and prized valuables are tucked safely away. Depending on the size, things that belong in your home safe include: Your family's original birth certificates. You may need these, especially if you travel, so keep them handy and in your safe. You should also tuck your passports and original social security cards in the home safe, too, for the same reason. Read More 

Tips For Setting Boundaries With Your Tenants In A Multi-Family Home

If you have decided to purchase a home that is able to accommodate more than one family and live in one section while renting the other sections out, you are going to have a steady form of income while you have these tenants. This is an awesome way to make sure that your standard of living remains comfortable and that you are able to offset the price of the building. However, it can also be stressful living in the same home as your tenants because you will have a variety of their concerns to address and they will be able to reach you at pretty much any time. Read More 

Top Benefits Of Selling Your Home Through A Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking that now is the time to sell your home, you might want to consider using a real estate agent. Sure, they take a small commission, but you will soon see that the benefits you gain from using their services are well worth it. They Can Reach A Larger Audience The more people that come across the listing of your home for sale, the more likely it is that your home will sell quickly. Read More