Looking For A Townhouse Close To NYC For You And Your Family? Try These 3 New Jersey Communities

New Jersey is home to many wonderful communities. So if you and your partner work in New York City but would prefer to live outside of the noise and crowds Manhattan, then New Jersey has plenty to offer. You can find a townhouse to rent in a comfortable, quiet, safe community. The 3 different communities listed below are great places for young couples to consider. They each have restaurants, salons, supermarkets, and parks. You can also take New Jersey Transit Trains right into Penn Station from two of the towns. This eliminates the need to drive your car in through the madness that is Manhattan traffic.


Plainsboro is located in Middlesex County. It is southwest of New York City. The area was mainly farmland up until the early 1970s, and it still has an open and airy feel. However, there are apartments, single-family homes, and townhomes. The area has a lot of nice coffee shops, clothing boutiques, and restaurants. In Plainsboro Center, a small community inside the township, you will also find a lot of nice Indian Restaurants that cater to the township's large Indian population. There is also a golf course nearby called The Meadows At Middlesex.

The commute to NYC by mass transit would involve taking a bus (or driving) to the Princeton Junction station on the North East Corridor line of the New Jersey Transit. From there you take the train non-stop into Penn Station.


Chatham is located west of Manhattan. It's in Morris country. It is very close to NYC (only 25 miles) so you can expect that the prices will be more expensive than some of the more distant communities you might look into.

One of the most attractive things about Chatham is that is has a very nice "small town" vibe, while being so close to New York City. There is a downtown section with lots of restaurants, salons, stores, ice cream shops, a "center green" and nice parks. It's a perfect place for families who want the safety and community feeling of a small town, without being too far from Manhattan.

New Jersey Transit runs a train on the Morristown Line that stops right in the heart of Chatham and runs right into Penn Station. You don't have to drive to another town to catch the train or take a bus; you can simply drive or walk down to the station and then ride into Manhattan. This is super convenient and cuts a lot of time off of your morning commute.


Montclair is located only about 20 miles from Manhattan. If you don't like the really quiet, subdued areas such as Plainsboro, and prefer more liveliness and accommodations such as restaurants, office parks with professional centers, bars, shopping centers, movie theaters, live music, and many other amenities, then Montclair is perfect. There area has six major commercial districts. There are hotels, museums, and beautiful parks. It's a great alternative to congested, expensive, and dangerous Manhattan city living for young couples with children.

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