What To Do If You Think You’ve Accidentally Stolen Your Neighbor’s Land

Accidentally stealing your neighbors' land seems like a ridiculous idea on its face. After all, your neighbor would know if you were intruding on his or her property, right? Not necessarily. If neither of you have had a land survey completed in a long time, it's possible that, over the years, you may have accidentally captured land that didn't actually belong to you when you installed a fence, built a shed, or planted your garden. Read More 

Preparing Your RV For Long Term Storage

Exploring the American countryside has long been a tradition that embraces the best aspects of freedom and allows people to embrace the diversity that defines this country. An RV can be an excellent way to conduct that exploration, as traveling with all of the comforts of home will go a long way toward guaranteeing you get the most out of your trip. However, when your trip is done, it's important that your vehicle remains protected. Read More 

Before You Place That Bid: Understanding Real Estate Auctions

People can get homes at a fraction of the cost of a standard home price simply by bidding on and winning at a real estate auction. Often, people who like to invest in real estate attend these auctions as a way to get affordable homes at a low price, and then remodel and sell them at a higher price. But what about the average home buyer who just wants to save some money? Read More 

Three Features That Will Make Parents In Your Residential Community Very Pleased

Happy tenants are more likely to take good care of your property and renew their leases. Thus, it is worth your while to add features to your apartment community that cater to your tenants' needs and increase their satisfaction with the community. If you have a lot of families and children in your apartment community, consider adding these three parent-centered features: A Community Playroom Parents are often looking for ways to get their children together with others to play. Read More 

Dos And Don’ts Of Finding And Keeping A Good Tenant

Finding a good tenant is often a hard job for most landlords. Everyone has their quirks, but often tenants don't see things the way landlords do, and this causes friction between the two. This article will give you a few tips and tricks to finding and keeping a good tenant. DO Ask questions before signing the lease Most landlords now do this, where they try and get to know their tenant before they sign the lease. Read More