Three Factors Not to Overlook When Looking for a New Home

After purchasing a house, you can easily update the flooring, paint the walls, and make a host of other aesthetic changes to transform the space into something you love. However, there are a host of things that may be quite challenging, if not impossible, to change. Make sure you know what to look for. Make sure you know what not-so-easy-to-fix factors you should be focusing on. Foul Smell If you walk into a potential property, and you are greeted with a foul odor, take heed. Read More 

Struggle With Light Sensitivity? 3 Qualities To Look For In A House To Avoid Problems

The number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen, and the neighborhood are some of the crucial details that most people will take into consideration when buying a house. But, if you have a medical condition that impacts your life on a daily basis, you need to prioritize it on your journey towards homeownership. Light sensitivity is something that you may have been dealing with for a long time. No matter how many eye doctors you see to try to come up with a solution, the problem may not go away. Read More 

Buying A Home In A Hot Climate? 3 Features To Prioritize To Naturally Keep Your House Cool

Once you become a homeowner, you will have to pay for everything related to the home. Water, trash, and cooling that may have been paid while living in an apartment will now be solely your responsibility. If you want to keep your monthly costs down, you will not just want to focus on buying an affordable home. You should also look at how you can save money with features that naturally keep the home cool. Read More 

First Real Estate Investment? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

If you're looking for a way to create an alternative income stream, real estate investing is a good choice. Many of today's markets are providing good returns as the economy slowly recovers. But a first-time real estate investor can face some pitfalls if they are not careful about how to approach this new venture. Here's a handy guide to 4 of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Read More 

6 Facts To Know About FHA Home Loans

Do you picture your landlord pocketing your rent every month and despair of ever owning a home of your own? The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may have your ticket to home ownership, even if you have little to no money for a down payment. This government-sponsored home loan program offers loans that are custom made for people who have less-than-perfect credit but have a dream of putting their hard-earned dollars toward a mortgage instead of rent payments. Read More