Struggle With Light Sensitivity? 3 Qualities To Look For In A House To Avoid Problems

The number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen, and the neighborhood are some of the crucial details that most people will take into consideration when buying a house. But, if you have a medical condition that impacts your life on a daily basis, you need to prioritize it on your journey towards homeownership. Light sensitivity is something that you may have been dealing with for a long time. No matter how many eye doctors you see to try to come up with a solution, the problem may not go away. So, you should look for homes that will minimize the chance of experiencing pain and discomfort from bright lights.

Single-Story House

A two-story home might seem like an appealing option, but the problem is that these houses are so much harder to stop the sunlight from getting inside. Nearby trees would need to be extremely tall to stop sunlight from peering in through the windows, so it is better to avoid this complicated problem. Single-story houses are closer to the ground, allowing you to adjust the landscape to provide shade.

Evergreen Trees

The best kind of trees to have on your property for light sensitivity care is evergreen. These trees do not lose their leaves, so you do not have to worry about the sunlight getting through come wintertime. While a typical home buyer may focus on providing shade to the roof, driveway, backyard, and exterior walls, you should be looking for shade trees that block light from the front door, back door, and windows.

It is helpful to take a good look at the landscape to see what you can do with it after buying. Arborvitae trees are evergreen and grow in uniform fashion, so they are easy to incorporate into a landscape plan. You can strategically place them right outside of your bedroom window to block light from outside.


When your trees and window treatments can't block out every bit of light, you will appreciate a home that has extended awnings over the windows to soak up the sun. If you want to have an outdoor space, you will want to prioritize patios with a large awning that keeps sunlight away. These awnings will also help in preventing street lights from streaming through the windows at night.

Light sensitivity is a difficult problem to have because the sunlight is unavoidable, but you can focus on these features to make sure your house is a place that you can always rely on being comfortable.