Options For Installing New Mobile Home Skirting

If you're renting a mobile home, one of the things you should discuss with your landlord is whether or not you can change the skirting around the home. Skirting is designed for two purposes. Primarily, it offers an insulating benefit to protect the pipes under the home from temperature exposure. In addition, it helps to improve the general appearance of the home. If you want to add your own personal flair to the property, ask your landlord about swapping it out for skirting of your choice. Here are a few of the options you can choose from.


Tin skirting is made from sheets of thin, flexible tin. It's durable and resistant to weather damage, which makes it a popular choice. You can even opt for a recycled tin skirting product that's anodized. The anodized coating protects the tin, and it leaves a textured finish as it wears. You can also opt for the same material used for galvanized roofing. Either way, you'll be sure to get a long lifespan from it for a small investment, which is ideal when you're renting.


Composite board is also cost-effective, because it is usually crafted from particle board or something similar. It comes in a variety of thickness ratings, and you'll get more insulating benefit from some thicknesses than others. It is usually sold by the sheet, so you can cut it to fit. This ensures a more uniform, seamless look on the home. It's also stable, because it is supported by solid frame material, which you'll have to build as well.

The downside to composite is that it requires quite a bit of maintenance. It needs to be painted or otherwise sealed before installation and then resealed every couple of years. If you're planning on staying in the rental long-term, make sure you plan for these things.

Stiff Foam

Stiff foam material is sold in sheets, much like particle board. It is similar to the rigid insulating material placed in many homes.Not only does it work well on its own, it can serve as that supportive backing for things like composite. In either case, this type of skirting isn't as durable, but it is reasonably priced and you can even paint it in custom colors. If you're looking to maximize your insulation in addition to the creative freedom, this may be the option for you.

With so many different choices, it's no wonder why so many people enjoy choosing skirting for their mobile home. Talk with your landlord today to find out if he or she will allow you to customize the skirting. Then, you can create the look that really says that you live there.

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