The Differences Between Custom And Speculative Home Builders

When you've decided to build a new custom home to call your own, the next step is deciding what type of home you want built for you. That usually means deciding between building a new custom home versus an already planned and designed spec home. You'll find that there are differences between the two types of homes when it comes to living in them and the cost of building them. Here is a look at the main differences between spec homes and custom homes to see which one might be best for your situation. 

What is a Spec Home?

You may have heard of a spec home, which is short for speculative home or speculative building. This type of home building is much faster than custom homes because they're built on speculation, meaning they're built before they're sold, and they're not custom-built for one specific buyer.

What There Are Pros and Cons of Spec Homes

A spec home is one that is built by a developer for sale in the market. It's ready to move into as soon as it's finished, so there's no need for any extra work from the homeowner. A spec home can also be built quickly, which means that it might be less expensive than a custom home. However, this also means that there aren't any special features or upgrades that are included with the house.

What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is a home that has been designed by an architect and built to suit the buyer. Custom homes are often more expensive than speculative homes, but they also offer more options and greater flexibility when it comes to style and design.

Custom homes are built specifically for the people who will be living in them. This means that they can be constructed to meet their needs and desires, which makes them a better fit for most families than a typical spec house.

The Pros and Cons of Custom Homes

When you choose a custom builder, you're getting a lot more than just a house. You're getting an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, and master carpenter all rolled into one. Custom homes include features that are difficult to find in spec homes.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to building a custom home as well. For example, while some contractors will offer fixed prices for certain aspects of the project (like foundation work), others may come up with an estimate based on their own schedule and labor costs rather than yours — which means you could end up paying more than expected if they take longer than expected.

A spec home is one that has already been built and is usually available for move-in after some minor tweaking. Contact a spec home builder to find out if they have something in their inventory that meets your needs. 

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