Want An Easy-To-Clean Home? Demand The Right Features

While living in rentals, you may have learned a lot about what you prefer in your home. For instance, you may realize that you do not like to spend much time cleaning, which means you should prioritize several easy-to-clean features, for all the places that you move to in the future.

If you are in the market to buy a home, you will want to take this process a little more seriously, because you will be making a long-term commitment with such a purchase. Demanding the right features will make a huge difference in how much you are able to enjoy life as a homeowner.

Hard Flooring

An easy feature to find and prioritize is hard flooring. This is something that you can accomplish with tile, hardwood, or even concrete floors. Also, you should be able to narrow down the homes quickly and easily, because you will likely be able to see the floors in most of the listing photos.

Hardwood flooring without any gaps between the planks is ideal, because it will reduce how much time and effort you have to put into making it look spotless. You will also find that hardwood is easier to clean than tile flooring because you do not have grout that needs to be cleaned.

Glossy Walls

While looking around at homes, you may find a lot of them with flat paint in certain rooms. Although these rooms are often ones that do not get that dirty, you may not want to take any chances with the walls getting dirty and not being able to clean them easily. If you have cats, dogs, and kids, you should expect every part of your house to pick up dirt and grime, eventually.

To avoid a problem with flat paint getting dirty and needing to be painted over, you should prioritize homes with glossy walls. This is something that you can get with finishes such as eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss, which you should be able to identify by asking questions.


Another major feature that you may know will see a lot of use is the countertop. In the kitchen as well as the bathrooms, you cannot go wrong with stone countertops. While granite and quartz have small differences, you will enjoy getting either one, because they are so simple to clean.

If you want a home that does not take long to clean, you must prioritize the right features. Talk to a real estate agent for more information.