What Upgrades Make Buyers Swoon?

Knowing what buyers are looking for is vitally important, particularly if you are planning to sink some money into upgrades before you sell a home. You might want to consider that the home improvements that you've always wanted to make may not necessarily be the same ones that your potential buyers are looking for. Before you shell out the bucks on a remodel, read on to learn more about making the most of your home upgrade dollar.

Can you add some space?

Buyers often say that they have outgrown their current home with the addition of new family members or that having older kids adds to the need for increased privacy. If you can find a way to eke out more space with your remodeling dollar, it could pay you back in a higher asking price and an increased interest in your home. Your unfinished basement could be some valuable real estate, so turn it into another bedroom, bathroom, rec room, man cave, media room, and more.

Can you convert a room into a bedroom?

The need for 4-bedroom homes is great, so if you can accommodate that buyer you could come out a winner. Take a look at your home office or den, and consider the potential to add a closet (a must if you are going to call it a bedroom). If you are using one of your bedrooms as an office, get some bedroom furniture in there right away to showcase the space as the buyer wants to view it.

Does your curb appeal need help?

You may need to get some professional landscaping on board to make your home really shine and stand out from the crowd; it will be money well spent. Take look at your front door and see if it needs replacing or a new coat of paint, along with your light fixtures.

Did you forget about your backyard?

Your buyers won't; they are likely looking for some additional living space, room for the dogs and kids, and more. If your home is lacking in the outdoor living requirement, adding a deck or patio and decorating it attractively can add so much appeal to your home. Consider adding a fence and a fire pit as well.

While any of the above can be accomplished by the buyers themselves, your home being move-in ready could be the deciding factor in a competitive market. To learn more, speak to your real estate agent.