Things To Ask About When Your Company Relocates You

When you get an opportunity to accept a new position in your company that requires moving to a different city or even a new state, the company will often take care of many of the expenses related to the relocation. You can often expect that your employer will hire a moving service to pack, transport and unpack your possessions — and, best of all, your employer will handle the bill, too. This is ideal, because it allows you to concentrate on the job and hit the ground running when you start. In addition to looking after the move, it's also important to see what other services your employer might be able to help you with. In many cases, employers will help with a variety of services for those they relocate. Here are some things to ask about.

Moving Your Vehicles

Depending on the distance you'll be moving, it might not be practical to drive. Or, perhaps you plan to drive one of your vehicles and travel with your family because your spouse is intimidated about making a drive of this length alone. Ask your employer for help with moving one or more of your vehicles. Many moving services can also relocate personal vehicles, so your employer may partner with a moving company, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, that's moving your possessions to take care of this detail, too.

Staging Your Home

You'll want your current home to sell as quickly as possible, and if your employer is moving you out of town quickly, there's a possibility that the home won't be sold at the time of your move. Many employers will help their employees improve the chance of a quick sale by paying for professional staging services. This way, you won't have to take your valuable time to fix up the appearance of the home in order to put it on the market. If the home hasn't sold in a specific amount of time, you might think about renting it to provide a source of income — and your employer should be willing to take on the fees associated with doing so, such as hiring a real estate agent to list the property for rent.

A Job For Your Spouse

It's not too much to ask about getting help finding a job for your spouse. Many employers who use relocation services for their valued employees know that your spouse may be giving up his or her job for the move, and will work with an employment agency in the new city in an effort to help your spouse find a suitable job. Never be afraid to inquire about this service.