Pest Control Tips To Keep Palmetto Bugs Out Of Your House

The most common household insects and pests can vary based on the region of the country that you live in. For example, one of the most common pests in the southeast is the palmetto bug. A member of the cockroach family, this winged insect is a real nuisance in the cooler weather months. Here are some tips to help you understand the habits of these creatures and how they're drawn to your house.

Palmetto Bug Habitats

Palmetto bugs are so called because they typically live in the palmetto trees. Despite their preference for palmetto trees, they will settle into any foliage in your yard, from bushes to garden plants. They become most active in the cold weather months, because they are seeking warmth. As a result, they find their way indoors where it's warmer and more comfortable.

Protecting Your House

If you want to keep your house protected from the potential infestation of palmetto bugs, it starts from the outside. Make sure that there are no gaps around the outer perimeter of the house where they can gain entry. For example, gaps around the windows and cracks in the foundation are all common entry points. Seal them as best as possible to reduce the chances of these pests getting into the house.

In addition to sealing off the space as best as possible, you should also make sure that you don't have any food accessible. Keep your foods in sealed containers and airtight packages. Inspect the roof for vulnerabilities, too. This is especially important if you have tall trees in the yard, because the roof is a potential access point.

Assessing Your Yard

Then, walk around the outer perimeter of the house again to look for any areas where they might hide. Don't plant anything directly under the window, and trim back any trees that are right by the house. The less space you have around your home that's enticing to these bugs, the less risk you'll have of any potential infestation.

Considering Chemical Barriers

In addition to creating an environment that discourages the presence of palmetto bugs and their access to your house, there are also some chemical barrier treatments. Talk with a pest control specialist from a company like Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services about treating the perimeters of your yard and your garden with boric acid. This will deter the presence of palmetto bugs. If you want something stronger, he or she can use a chemical pesticide or a barrier product that will protect the entire perimeter of the house.

Living in the southeast doesn't have to mean living with palmetto bugs. With the tips presented here, you can create a discouraging environment for them.