Common Auto Lock Myths Debunked

Keeping your car safe starts with ensuring that the locks are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, many people do not understand car locks, and this can mean that they are more likely to believe common misconceptions about these basic security devices. In particular, there are two prevalent myths that can make your car less secure and more likely to experience mechanical problems. 

Myth: Auto Locks Do Not Require Any Maintenance

It is a particularly common notion that car locks do not require maintenance to function properly. While it is true that these locks are designed to be extremely durable and low maintenance, there are some steps that are needed to keep them from encountering problems. 

Firstly, it is vital to have your car locks serviced on a regular basis. This is necessary to remove any dirt that may be accumulating in the lock, and the components may need additional lubricant to reduce friction. In addition to this maintenance, you should also make sure to keep your key clean. This can be one of the main ways that dirt gets into the lock, but you can drastically minimize this risk by simply wiping the key with a damp cloth about once a week or whenever it becomes visibly dirty. 

Myth: Car Locks Are All The Same

A common misconception is that there is not a lot of difference between various types of automobile locks. While this may have been true for much of automotive history, recent technological innovations have changed this. There can be a drastic difference between various modern locks, and it is vital to let your locksmith know if you have a car with a special key. 

Many modern car keys incorporate electronic or digital measures to help prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle. Often, cars equipped with these technologies will need keys that can broadcast digital signals to the engine. Sadly, many locksmiths do not have the ability to work on locks that use these security upgrades. As a result, you should always let the locksmith know about the presence of these devices before you hire them. This simple step can save the both of you a lot of time and frustration. 

Car locks are surprisingly complex devices, and if they malfunction, it can result in major problems and delays for you. Not surprisingly, the complexity of these devices can confuse many people, but understanding the truth behind these car lock myths will help you better understand what to do when you encounter problems with your key or lock. (for more information, contact Valley Lock & Safe)