2 Important Tips For Dealing With Pests In Your Apartment

One of the worst problems you can experience is having a pest issue when you're in a condo, apartment, or townhouse. There are some things you can do to mitigate the issue, but there's no real option for you to completely eliminate it. All you can do is tell the property owner, but there's no guarantee that he or she will do anything about it, especially if no one else seems to complain about the problem.

1. Complain about the Problem

Don't let even a minor pest problem go. You should complain, and complain immediately. Tell the property owner, the facility manager, the janitor, the neighbors and whoever else does work in or around the building. Many people are embarrassed by pest problems, but when you live with other people immediately around you, you can't afford embarrassment. Here's why:

  • A neighbor may be the cause of the pests
  • The faster people know, the better
  • A group of people are better able to convince a property owner
  • A pest problem will grow if left alone

Just remember that you shouldn't keep a pest problem to yourself. It's a concern to everybody around you, not just you. Do whatever you need to do. Take pictures, get eyewitnesses, and write about each incident. Sometimes you need proof to convince a landlord.

2. Treat Your Space

The second you see an insect you should take steps to mitigate the issue before it grows. Whether it's indicative of a larger problem or a one-off situation, make sure you keep it out of your living space.

Methods to eliminate and prevent pest infestations vary by the pest. So you should do some research on your particular type of unwanted guest. However, there are some general rules to get you started.

Clean up – Pests of all sorts are attracted to a messy place. For some it gives them places to hide. For others it provides them food and shelter. One of the best things you can do to help get rid of pests and keep them away is to keep a clean apartment.

  • Keep your clothes, sheets, and blankets washed
  • Never leave food out
  • Take out your garbage regularly
  • Always wipe down surfaces
  • Keep floors vacuumed

You know, all the stuff you're supposed to do anyway. Not only will this help prevent pests, it can also help you see precisely where they're entering your home, because they won't be able to hide as easily in uncluttered spaces.

Seal everything – You need to seal anything that can remotely seem like an entry point for insects or rodents. Search high and low for holes and cracks that you can caulk or cover. See if you have gaps around your windows or under your doors. Basically, you should winterize your apartment.

The Seriousness of the Issue

At this point you should have far fewer pests to deal with. In addition, you will have a better understanding of where the pests originate. If the problem persists, it may be a matter beyond your personal control.

By attempting to deal with the issue, you will show the property owner just how serious the problem is. He or she will have no choice but to call in a pest control service such as B & W Pest Control to deal with the overall problem.