The Problem With Selling Your Own Home

Are you looking to sell your home, but worried about paying a commission to a selling agent? If so, you're likely looking into being your own agent with a FSBO sale. While this may seem like a great idea, not having your own realtor can actually cause some big problems. Here are some of the problems you can have when you act as your own agent. Pricing The Home The first step in selling your home will be deciding on a price. Read More 

The Effects Of Adding Contingencies To Your Purchase Offer

One of the most common parts of a home purchase offer is the list of contingencies the buyer places on the contract. Contingencies are conditions or requests of the deal, and the seller of the house will not accept the offer without carefully considering each one added to the contract. If you are buying a house in a buyer's market, contingencies will not have huge effects on a deal, but if you are buying during a seller's market, contingencies can affect the deal. Read More 

Tips For Buying A Vacation Timeshare

When you love taking vacations and also want to get in on the real estate business, it really doesn't get better than owning a timeshare. By looking into a timeshare property in a wonderful vacation area, you will be able to earn some profits while also having access to a vacation rental of your own when you need it. By taking advantage of the points in this article you will be able to get the help that you are looking for. Read More 

Things To Remember When Buying A Luxury Home

Even if you are able to easily afford living in a luxury home, it is important to take your time when searching for the right one to purchase. Luxury homes can have problems that any other home has, which is why you must be very aware of what you are buying. You can decrease the risk of buying a home that comes with underlying problems by asking a real estate agent to be with you during the searching process. Read More 

Choosing A Home For Your Growing Family

For those that are looking to start a family or that are wanting to grow their family, investing in buying a home can be an important step in this process. However, the process of evaluating a home where you can raise a family will have its own unique considerations. As you are evaluating potential homes for your family, there are some considerations that should be especially important. Avoid Obvious Safety Concerns Read More