How To Correct Terrible Odors From Water Damage

After you have had your home restored from water damage, you may notice that you have a nasty and persistent smell that you just can't get rid of. This smell is most often the result of mold and mildew. Old furniture may give off a smell that seems like a combination of rotten eggs and mold. The smell might seem like a minor nuisance, but it is actually bad for your health and should be treated as soon as possible. Read More 

Beware the Uninvited Holiday Guest: Tips for Dealing with Potential Bed Bug Problems

Are you expecting guests this holiday season? If so, you might find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of having to play host to some unexpected tag-a-longs: bed bugs. Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly problematic issue for people everywhere. If you want to minimize your chances of having a bed bug infestation this holiday season, follow this guide. 1.) Ask guests not to bring their own linens and pillows. Take a quick trip to a home goods supply store and stock up on a few extra pillows, blankets, and sheets. Read More 

Other Commercial Locksmith Services Beyond Keys And Locks Every Business Owner Should Know

In a commercial setting, you have to rely on the skills and services offered by an array of professionals, and a locksmith is likely one of them. While most commercial business owners only consider locksmith services when they need a lock replaced or a key made, these trained professionals have much more to offer in a business setting. As a business owner, it is a good idea to get familiar with some of the lesser-known services offered by commercial locksmiths, since you never know when you may need them. Read More 

Things To Ask About When Your Company Relocates You

When you get an opportunity to accept a new position in your company that requires moving to a different city or even a new state, the company will often take care of many of the expenses related to the relocation. You can often expect that your employer will hire a moving service to pack, transport and unpack your possessions — and, best of all, your employer will handle the bill, too. Read More 

How Safe Is Your Stuff? What Belongs In Your Home Safe

Are your valuables secure? If you use a fireproof home safe, then you can rest easy knowing that important documents, cherished family keepsakes, and prized valuables are tucked safely away. Depending on the size, things that belong in your home safe include: Your family's original birth certificates. You may need these, especially if you travel, so keep them handy and in your safe. You should also tuck your passports and original social security cards in the home safe, too, for the same reason. Read More