The Importance Of Radon Testing For Real Estate Transactions

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can accumulate in homes and pose a serious health risk if it accumulates at high levels. Thinking about radon testing when buying or selling a home is essential. 

Here's why it's essential to test for radon when buying or selling a home and what you need to know to protect your health and investment.

Why Radon Testing Is Important for Real Estate Transactions

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from radon testing when buying or selling a home. The reasons include the following:

Radon Health Risks: Radon exposure is a leading cause of lung cancer. Lung cancer brought on by radon claims lives every year. To make an informed choice about your health when purchasing a home, knowing if the radon levels are elevated is crucial. Before putting a house on the market for sale, radon issues should be fixed.

Property Value: Elevated radon levels will reduce the value of a home and make it more difficult to sell. A radon test can give prospective buyers peace of mind when selling your house while also assisting you in avoiding pricey and time-consuming negotiations.

Legal Requirements: In some states, buying or selling a home means getting a radon test. If you're buying or selling a home, it's essential to know the radon testing requirements in your state to avoid any legal issues.

How to Protect Yourself During a Real Estate Transaction

Whether you're the buyer or the seller, you can protect yourself from radon during a real estate transaction in several ways, such as:

Hiring a Professional: If you're buying or selling a home, it's best to hire a professional radon testing and remediation company to conduct the test and resolve any radon-related issues.

Ask for Radon Test Results: If you're buying a home, ask the seller for the radon test results before you make an offer. If the house has elevated radon levels, you can factor this into your decision-making process.

Get Everything in Writing: If you're selling a home and the radon test results, show elevated levels, have the radon mitigation company provide a written report of the results and their recommended solution. This will give you and the buyer a clear understanding of what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

In conclusion, radon testing is essential to the real estate transaction procedure. It helps protect your health, your investment, and your legal rights. When buying or selling a home, you should hire a radon testing and remediation company to conduct the test and address potential radon-related issues. 

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