3 Must-Have Features To Prioritize For Your First Senior Apartment

Moving into an apartment that only rents to seniors can mean access to a wide range of amenities you'll enjoy as you age. While it's expected that the apartment community has a senior-friendly fitness center, quiet units, and elevator access to upper floors, the features inside the units can vary.

Instead of choosing an apartment to rent without considering the interior, explore some of the following features and how they can impact whether you'll be satisfied with the unit. 


The type of flooring in your apartment could significantly affect the severity of an injury if you were to fall. Carpeting, especially high-pile plush, can soften a fall and prevent an injury. Carpeting can also be much more gentle on your feet and prevent the need for wearing gripping socks while walking around indoors. 

As you view apartment units, prioritize carpet that will be easy to maintain and clean so you won't be on your hands and knees attempting to spot-treat the carpet. This means off-white and beige carpet that doesn't have looped fibers that could make cleaning more challenging. 


If you're moving into a senior apartment from a single-family home, there's a good chance you have a lot of belongings you'll bring with you. This can be problematic since your apartment may be a lot smaller of a living space than you're accustomed to. Instead of feeling frustrated with a lack of storage, look for an apartment with plenty of storage features.

Spacious closets in the bedroom and hallways, large cabinets in the kitchen, and a sink vanity with plenty of storage can all make keeping your apartment neat easier. The apartment community may even offer storage units for their tenants, making it easy to store seasonal items and other belongings you don't want to get rid of. 


Finding an apartment you'll be comfortable in should include checking out the accessibility features to expect. Grab bars in the bathroom, an open layout to accommodate mobility devices, and 24/7 access to someone at the front desk can all make you feel secure in the apartment. 

When you're eager to rent an apartment and want access to amenities that make daily life easier at your age, there are a lot of features to prioritize. Before you begin touring senior apartment communities without knowing what to look for, the above tips can help make your search much easier and ensure that you're content with your new home. 

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