Tips to Help You Sell Your Home in the Fall and Winter

The process to sell your home is an important one in which you need to find the right sales agent and properly prepare your home inside and out and with the right list price. However, not all home sales occur during the spring and summer when a majority of buyers shop for a home. Here are some recommendations to help you in the process of selling your home during the fall and into winter.

Hire a Sales Agent

When you are looking for the right real estate sales agent to help you sell your home, you should look for one who has a lot of experience in the market and has completed a lot of transactions to give them the sales experience you need to help sell your home. A more experienced sales agent will have professional connections to help them market and sell your home and will also have great skills to negotiate a good sales price. When your real estate agent has performed numerous successful home listings and sales, they will have the experience to price your home appropriate for the market and to maximize the amount of equity you get from its sale. 

Talk to your realtor about hiring a professional photographer to showcase your home, and a home stager, if necessary. When you are selling in the fall and into winter, it can be helpful to have some photos of your home exterior during spring and summer to show a buyer what it will look like when the weather warms up. It is helpful to use photos you have taken of your yard and property during the warmer months, or you can plan to take them in the months before your home's listing.

Clean Up the Exterior

Before the weather turns too cold, take some time to wash the exterior of your home before snow and ice can prevent a good cleaning. This will clean off any dirt, debris, stains, and spots from birds and insects. This will make your home exterior cleaner and improve its curb appeal to buyers. Trim up your shrubbery and remove dead leaves and twigs that may have accumulated and mow your lawn to keep it trimmed well until it goes dormant.

Wash your home's exterior windows to remove dust and dirt and remove the screens when you do so. Leave the screens off to help add more light to your home. You can let any buyers know that you will replace the screens for them.

If you have snowfall arriving during its list period, always clear off the snow as soon as possible and use deicer chemicals to prevent icy walkways and steps. This also helps define the pavement and landscaping better when there is snow over the yard. For further guidance, contact services like Melissa Brackett Group: Roberts Real Estate.