Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

No matter what the season, placing your home on the market is a lot of work. Unfortunately, the work seems to increase if you try to sell your home in winter. The colder temperatures, snow, and ice can deter some buyers, but this does not mean that if you need to sell your home quickly you should wait until the weather improves.

Instead, here are a few tips to help you sell your home during the winter.

Remove Snow From the Walkways and Sidewalks

Before taking photos and hosting an open house, make sure the sidewalks and walkways are free of ice and snow. Photos featuring clean walkways and sidewalks will let potential buyers know that the home is well cared for, especially in the winter. Clean the sidewalk and walkways around your entire property before an open house.

Snow-covered walkways can leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit if a potential home buyer slips and falls. Place a layer of de-icer on the sidewalks as well if the sidewalks are icy.

Decorate Thoughtfully for the Season

The winter season is full of holidays that can provide you as a home seller with amazing opportunities to highlight the beauty of your home. However, make sure to not go overboard with the seasonal decorations, as this can overwhelm buyers and make it difficult for the buyers to envision themselves living in your home.

Instead, take advantage of the season and the holidays to elegantly decorate your home. For example, if you are selling the home around Christmas, put up a tree and some decorative items that can draw attention to architectural features, such as a fireplace mantle or a beautiful wooden banister.

Turn Up the Lights and the Heat

Between the inclement weather and the fewer hours of sunlight, it can be difficult to highlight the features of your home because there is simply not enough light. When you are hosting an open house or before staging photos to place online, turn on all the lights, open the shades, and consider even adding some additional lighting.

For example, if you are hosting an open house before Christmas, consider hanging some additional lights in the room to ensure that buyers can easily see the architectural and design features throughout the home. Finally, do not forget to turn up the heat so when homebuyers enter the house, they are greeted by a warm, inviting house.

From making sure there is plenty of light to clearing any snow and ice off the sidewalks before hosting an open house, when it comes to selling your home in winter, there are several things you can do to make your home more enticing to buyers. Contact a real estate agent for more tips.