The Pros And Cons Of Living Right On The Water

Living in a beach town is its own lifestyle. Things tend to happen more slowly, and everyone is in a more laid-back mood. But if you've decided to move to a beach town, you still have one other important decision to make. Will you live right on the water, or will you buy a place set a little more inland? Although your initial thought might be that living right on the water is ideal, there are a few pros and cons to consider when you explore beachfront condos and other properties.

Pros of Living Directly on the Water

The beach is right there. You only have to open your door and walk out. You won't have to spend time packing a beach buggy or walking to the water. When you have guests come to stay, they will also appreciate this convenience.

Your house will hold value. There will always be other people who dream of living right on the water. If you decide you want to move, you should not have trouble selling your home.

The air will be clear and fresh. Barring the occasional seaweed scent, you will always have fresh, ocean air coming in off the water. If you were to live further inland, the air would be polluted with car exhaust and other pollutants before it reached you.

Cons of Living Directly on the Water

People are always around. Even if you buy a home on a private beach, there will be people walking by, and you won't have a lot of privacy since the waterfront is the main attraction in a beach town.

The homes are pricier. Because most people want to live on the water, the homes directly on the waterfront can cost twice as much as those that are just one block inland. If your budget is a bit lean, living right on the water may not be the best option.

Sand can get everywhere. With your yard literally opening up to a big, sandy seashore, you can count on having sand tracking inside a lot. You will need a good vacuum cleaner and cleaning routine if you live directly on the waterfront. 

If you can afford the home, don't mind the sand, and do not crave a lot of privacy, living directly on the water may be a great choice for you. If not, remember that there are some equally beautiful homes a block or two inland that offer easy access to the beach for a lot less.