Is A Mold Inspection Important When Buying A Home?

After your offer on a home is accepted, you will need a home inspection. A home inspection is not as thorough as you might believe. A mold problem could go undetected. Before closing day arrives, here is what you need to know about the mold inspection:

Why Do You Need a Mold Inspection?

There are several reasons you should have a mold inspection. For instance, hidden mold could be an indication that there is a plumbing problem within the walls or flooring of the home. Since the home inspector cannot remove part of the flooring or walls, the problem could go undetected without a real mold inspection.

A mold inspection also helps to protect your family. Mold spores can be spread and if it has not been detected yet, your household could suffer health consequences. If someone in your home has a disorder, such as asthma, his or her health could be severely compromised.

Another reason you need a mold inspection before closing is that mold remediation can be costly. If the seller is unaware of the mold, he or she does not have an obligation to pay for it. On top of the moving-related expenses, you could now be faced with ensuring your home is safe.

What If Mold Is Found?

Your real estate agent will likely ensure that a mold-related contingency is included in your purchase contract. The contingency would allow you to back out of the purchase of the home if the mold is not taken care of before a certain date.

Your agent can also assist with negotiating with the seller to take care of the mold. Depending on the state in which you live, there could be laws that require the seller to act once he or she is aware of a mold problem. The seller will also have to address the issue that led to the mold development. For instance, if a hidden leak in the walls is the fault, the seller must have the leak fixed.

If the seller is unwilling to take care of the mold and you still want to buy the home, you could ask him or her to reduce the asking price. The savings could be used to help cover the cost of mold remediation.

Before making a final decision on whether to walk away from a home or negotiate, talk to a company like AccuPro Inspection Services. He or she knows the laws in your state regarding mold remediation and can offer insight on the home.