Tips For Evaluating An Agent’s Approach To Marketing Before Hiring Him/Her

When you're trying to sell your home quickly and for as much money as possible, your real estate agent's marketing strategy is what can yield favorable results. When a house is marketed properly, it can generate a significant number of prospective buyers who wish to attend showings and, hopefully, submit offers. Conversely, a poor marketing approach means that even if your house is desirable and priced well, you won't be getting offers because people aren't aware of the listing. When you sit down with different agents to decide whom to hire, it's useful to ask each agent to explain his or her approach to marketing. You can then evaluate the responses, and make your decision, based on these criteria.

Use Of Technology

You need to hire an agent who uses technology better than his or her peers. While every agent will upload your listing to the Internet, look for those who will also put together slideshows and videos that can be shared online, provide social media posts to raise interest in your home, and other similar ideas. Some agents even have real estate podcasts that they use to provide tips for buyers and sellers and talk about their current listings. The more ways that your listing can reach people online, the better chance you'll have of selling the home quickly — and the agent who can promise you the above will be the right one to hire.

Hands-On Help

Part of the agent's marketing approach involves making sure that the house looks desirable. After all, a good-looking home is easier to market successfully than a bad-looking one. Listen for signs of your agent providing hands-on help. You want someone who will visit your home to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide you with ideas on how to turn the weaknesses into strengths. For example, this could include repainting a room or organizing a messy space. Listen for the agent to cite examples of how his or her hands-on help has yielded better photos for past clients, allowing them to sell quicker.

Thoughts On Open Houses

An open house can be an effective marketing tool. Each agent has a different perspective on this type of event. Some agents believe in frequent open houses open to the public, while others believe in less-frequent open houses offered to buyer agents only. Each style can have its benefits, so don't hesitate to ask each agent you're interviewing why he or she deems his or her approach the best. You can then make a decision and move forward with hiring the right agent.