How To Correct Terrible Odors From Water Damage

After you have had your home restored from water damage, you may notice that you have a nasty and persistent smell that you just can't get rid of. This smell is most often the result of mold and mildew. Old furniture may give off a smell that seems like a combination of rotten eggs and mold. The smell might seem like a minor nuisance, but it is actually bad for your health and should be treated as soon as possible. To get rid of the smell, you will need to find out where it is coming from.

Other Leaks

One of the first steps is to make sure that there are no additional leaks. It is possible that there may be leaks that were not discovered during the water restoration process. Check pipes and faucets for leaks.

Wet Walls

Your walls may still be damp as a result of the water damage and may have become contaminated by mold. Mold and mildew most often grow on the paper backing of your walls. The backing may eventually start to flake and peel off, causing further damage.You will be able to determine where there is a water leak affecting your walls by looking for any discoloration. If a large portion of the wall is affected by moisture, this can be a sign that the wall might need to be restored or replaced.

Wet Wood

When you notice an earthy, musty smell, this may be the result of damp wood. Regardless of if it is a damp door, a hardwood floor or trim, the wood may become damp and rot. Fungi will grow, contributing to the smell and the wood may deteriorate and become structurally unsound. 


Once you have determined the cause of the musty odor, you will need to eliminate it. There are also many quick fixes, such as vinegar and dry vapor steam cleaners, which can kill most types of mold. Soap and water should be used to remove the remnants of mold so they cannot grow back. Lemon juice and baking soda are both effective at removing odors.

Regardless of the cause of the smell, it is important that you have your home restored by a water damage restoration expert, such as Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc. Water damage can lead to contamination that can make those who live on your property sick and can also affect the structural integrity of your home.