Looking For Waterfront Property: What To Expect

A waterfront home provides a beautiful view and access to a lovely lake, river, or even the ocean for enjoyment whenever you wish. If you've always wanted property like this, then shopping for real estate is an adventure you need to be prepared for. Here are things you can expect in waterfront property as you explore your options so you know you are looking at the best properties on the market.


Part of buying a waterfront home is the view. You should entertain buying a house that has a long deck or patio that faces the water for outdoor entertainment. Large windows in a family or living room that face the water as well provide a constant reminder of the wonderful property the house rests on. If you are looking to live off the water, make sure you have a clear view from inside the property so can always enjoy your investment.

Water access

You should be able to have boat access to the water if you are buying a home off a larger body of water. A private or shared boat dock (make sure your real estate agent knows which) should be provided with the home, along with a walkway from the yard to the water's edge. If you are entertaining buying any new home, make sure it has easy water access or the ability to have safe access put in without compromising the property's safety against flooding, provided a retaining wall is needed to separate the water's edge from the home's yard.

If a potential property for sale does not have water access or has a dock that needs to be repaired, be ready to discuss the costs you may incur to your real estate agent to see if can have them deducted from the home's asking price. This can allow you to still buy an otherwise perfect property without spending more money in renovations.

Flood-free living

Make sure the landscape of any waterfront property you are looking at goes uphill from the water's edge for feet away. This prevents flooding in the home during rainy or runoff seasons when snow melt occurs. Your real estate agent can also check the history of the home's location to see if flooding is a common risk. If so, make sure flood insurance is available and the home is on a solid, high foundation as a precaution when you purchase it.

Buying a home on the water is a great experience. Make sure you discuss all concerns or expectations you have in your new home with your realtor.