Country Living Close to New York City

If you live and work in the city, but are looking for a change of place, then you might want to consider country living. Buying a house outside of the city (but close enough to still commute) will let you relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature on the weekends. While the city can be fun, living there 24/7 is not for everyone. So, if you're the type who gets tired of the constant noise, stress, and congestion that comes with living in a huge city with millions of other people always around, you should think about moving to a more rustic, and rural area where you can get some peace at night. Here are two great areas near New York City to consider.

Warwick, New York

Warwick is located in Orange County, New York. It's a very quaint town, with lots of old homes and cottages. It is not too small, so you won't feel like you're out in the woods by yourself. There are cafes, grocery stores, and bars in the center of town. There is even a cool pool hall that is geared towards groups of friends and people on dates, not die-hard pool hustlers like some NYC pool halls cater to. The town has many historic homes that are in registers, but there are also modern builds. What you will get is lots of space. The homes are not too close together. Along with the residents who live and commute to Manhattan, there are quite a few who work small farms, including dairy and onion farms. The town is also super close to the enormous Greenwood Lake. This is a beautiful lake where many people in Orange County go to swim and boat in the summer. The lake even has a big beach with lifeguards.

Forestburgh, New York

Forestburgh is located in Sullivan County. It is a bit more rural than Warwick. It's located along the Delaware River. If you want a real country feel and like the idea of living in the woods while still being relatively close to New York City, then this is a good spot to check out. It's very secluded and peaceful. You are right near the huge Delaware River, so if you're a fan of fly-fishing, or rafting/canoeing/kayaking, then this is a bonus. The town is relatively quiet and doesn't host much commerce. You are going to have to drive to the larger, nearby town of Monticello for grocery shopping and other essentials.