Want To Buy A Home And Go Car-Free? Look For Qualities That Encourage The Lifestyle

Living in an apartment without a vehicle might be easily doable because you can pick out a unit in a high-density area where everything you need is within walking or biking distance. But, this changes when it comes to buying a house because residential neighborhoods are usually farther away from businesses. If you are interested in becoming a homeowner and still want to live a car-free lifestyle, you need to pay attention to the details that will affect whether you can successfully accomplish this goal of yours.

Proximity to Medical Care

Parks, movie theaters, and malls are all nice things to have around you, but they are not a necessity. It is imperative to prioritize houses with medical care nearby because being a few miles away can make things complicated when it comes to taking your spouse or one of your kids to the doctor. An ideal situation is to be within walking distance of a full-fledged hospital where you can get almost every service. You also need to take your pets into consideration because you want them to have close access to medical care. A standard animal clinic is ideal to have close by and an emergency animal hospital is a huge bonus.

Transportation Options

The way that you can get around should play an enormous role in the process of becoming a homeowner. For instance, getting around Chicago or Washington DC from the suburban neighborhoods is not that difficult because you can always rely on the public transit systems to get you around on a consistent schedule. It is also helpful to look at whether ridesharing companies operate in your city and inside the neighborhoods you are most interested in because they can take up the role of a taxi and provide even faster service. The ridesharing method is also cheaper than taking a taxi by anywhere from 24% to 50%.

Income Opportunity

The final thing that you should look at when buying a home while intending to go car-free is the opportunity to make some money. Most properties are going to come with vehicle storage, some having more than others. A two-car garage combined with a large driveway might be able to house four to five vehicles whereas a small driveway may only be able to fit a single car without overcrowding. This can have a direct impact on how much money you can make by renting out these spaces to park a vehicle.

Being able to make some extra money from something that your home already possesses is advantageous as it can help pay for ridesharing, public transit, bike maintenance, or new walking shoes.

Analyzing features based on your needs is the best way to go into the house buying process. For more information and help with finding a home, contact real estate brokers or visit websites like http://nonafox.topseller.net/ to get in contact with a professional.