Setting Up A Multi-Generational Home Through Carriage House

Living with your grandparents may not seem like the thing to do as an adult, but sometimes living with family can be an excellent arrangement. If you are ready to set down roots and build a home, you may be interested in bringing your aging grandparents to live with you. If your grandparents are still active and not interested in a retirement home, they may be looking for a place to live near family. If you are interested in getting a multi-generational housing situation, here is a real estate set up that will work for the both of you. 

Carriage house or pool house

Alongside buying or building a main house, you should get a carriage house built in the back of your home. The carriage house can be a one or two room home, with all of the amenities of a regular home, just smaller. Some carriage houses look similar to garages, but with house windows and doors instead of garage doors. The carriage house only having a room or two, along with the bathroom and kitchen will make it easier for your grandparents to walk around. If you have a pool, rather than a carriage house, you can build a pool house on the opposite side of the pool. 

 Create a privacy hedge

If you or your grandparents desire privacy, you can set up a privacy hedge at the front of their home. This will decrease the view from one house into another, but still allow your properties to remain close without any issue. Sturdy privacy hedges can also product branches for your grandparents to use to steady themselves if they are walking on the outside of their home and get dizzy. If you have a pool in the back of your home, remember to install a sliding cover for the pool so that your grandparents are able to walk through their home to yours with a clear path, once past the hedges. 

Create call buttons

Installing an intercom system or call buttons can be vital as your grandparents are getting older. Have an intercom system installed that will allow you to communicate with one another through the push of a button. Having an intercom button will allow your grandparents to contact you if they need any help. It can also give your children a method for contacting their grandparents if they are home alone for a little while or if they need help. Last, a call button allows for everyone to check before stopping by one another's homes.