Curb The Issues: How To Deal With Limited Parking In Your Neighborhood

As an HOA, one of the issues that you may be responsible for taking care are the parking rules and enforcement. As a homeowner's association, it is easy to assume that everyone will just park in front of their home and remain courteous. If your neighborhood has been having issues with parking and residents getting into squabbles due to parking spaces, it may be time to institute rules to quell any future issues. Here are some parking rules that you can create to help solve problems. 

Make a parking registration web page

One of the best ways to cut down on unauthorized cars is to require residents with any guests who are parked on the side of the curb or in common parking spaces register those guests. Guest registration is easier than having parking passes, because it allows your residents to have as many guests as they like. On the parking registration page, have them put their guests' license plate information and the duration that they will remain parked in the neighborhood. This way, you can call towing services to remove cars that do not belong there, while leaving authorized guest vehicles alone. 

Limit recreational vehicles and boats

If there are boats or large recreational vehicles that are parked in the neighborhood, this can limit space for everyone else. Parking boats and recreational vehicles long term can also decrease the beauty and the clear streets of the neighborhoods. Make it a rule that recreational vehicles have a time period, such as 24-48 hours, for parking within the neighborhood. This will give residents a chance to plan for trips, but will make sure that no large vehicles remain in the the neighborhood for longer than necessary. 

Build more parking for purchase

One of the best ways to get complete HOA management of extra parking is to build extra parking spaces. The HOA can build a small covered parking lot within the neighborhood near the public facilities or in extra space inside of the neighborhood. These spaces can be offered at an extra price for those who feel that they will need more parking space than their home currently allots. This way people who need extra spaces will have an orderly place to go and will not have to park in front of homes or curbs, creating a confusing musical cars situation most days of the week. Instead, parking lots and driveways will be clear and orderly.