Tips For Making Your Property Management Service Mobile-Friendly

With mobile websites and tools becoming increasingly popular in this demanding society, more things are becoming accessible through mobile services. From banking to email, mobile apps make many things possible with the devices at your fingertips. If you want to increase your chances of landing quality tenants in the rental property that you manage, you'll want to capitalize on the mobile tools available to you. Here's a look at a few mobile tools that you should provide as part of your property management plan.

Opt For Mobile-Friendly Listings

Many prospective tenants will find the rental property by driving by, so you want to be sure that you have a sign that works to your advantage. To make the most of your rental sign, you should include a web address to a mobile-friendly site with information about the property.

This is an important consideration, because most interested people will reach for their smartphone and check out the site right away, if only just to bookmark it for later. Include information like the square footage of the home, the number of bedrooms, any specific rental requirements, and other important information. By making all of this information accessible through mobile devices, you increase the number of potential tenants that you can reach.

Take Digital Applications

Some of your prospective tenant base is going to spend a lot of time on the road, both for commuting as well as recreational activities. With so many demands on time, the simpler that you can make the application process, the better. Consider putting the rental application for the property online so that anyone interested can submit their application at any time. Include functionality for file uploads along with the application and you'll even be able to get digital copies of identification and other documents, too.

Provide Online Payment Services

When you create a website that accepts online applications, you'll also want to consider including an online payment portal. By accepting rent payments online, you'll reduce the need to go to the bank for deposits as well as the chances of bounced checks and other administrative issues. It also makes it easier for renters to make their payments on time.

As mobile services become increasingly popular, it's important that your property management services get with the program, too. The more services like these that you can offer, the more accessible the property will be for potential renters. For more information, talk to professionals like Taylor Realty