Three Features That Will Make Parents In Your Residential Community Very Pleased

Happy tenants are more likely to take good care of your property and renew their leases. Thus, it is worth your while to add features to your apartment community that cater to your tenants' needs and increase their satisfaction with the community. If you have a lot of families and children in your apartment community, consider adding these three parent-centered features:

A Community Playroom

Parents are often looking for ways to get their children together with others to play. A community playroom, where residents and their children can gather and play together, is the perfect place for that to occur. The playroom does not need to be anything more than four walls with a comfortable carpet, some tables, and a plethora of toys for kids to play with. Ensure you cater to a wide age range by including baby toys, toddler toys, and even some board games for older kids. If the room is spacious enough, items like jump ropes and hula hoops can be fun.

"Watch for Children" Signs

Encourage drivers to pay closer attention as they drive through your community by posting plenty of "watch for children" signs. Depending on the laws in your municipality, you may have to get permission in order to hang these, so give your town hall or legislature a call to find out before you start mounting them. In some municipalities, the town may even provide you with the signs upon request. Parents will enjoy seeing the signs and knowing that drivers are being encouraged to be cautious.

An Updated Playground

A playground gives parents and children a space to enjoy the outdoors, as well as meet others in the community. If your playground is outdated, consider having it replaced with a more modern one to encourage parents to use it more often. If you don't have one at all, try to find a central location for the playground, so all members of the community can access it easily.

Modern playground designs involve more than just swings and slides. They often have creatively designed climbing structures that require children to think and plan, and mazes that children can figure out how to get through. Staying up-to-date on your playground design will ensure that parents use the playground in your community, rather than leaving the community to seek out a playground that better inspires their children's creativity.

With a playroom, an updated playground, and child safety signs, your community will become much more child-friendly -- and thus much more appealing to parents, too.

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