Dos And Don’ts Of Finding And Keeping A Good Tenant

Finding a good tenant is often a hard job for most landlords. Everyone has their quirks, but often tenants don't see things the way landlords do, and this causes friction between the two. This article will give you a few tips and tricks to finding and keeping a good tenant.

DO Ask questions before signing the lease

Most landlords now do this, where they try and get to know their tenant before they sign the lease. Some even have applications that they require to be filled out. While applications might be a bit much in some circumstances, asking questions like 'how often do you clean?' and 'do you have a pet?' might be good things to make sure of before you agree to have them rent.

DON'T give them the third degree

While asking some questions is good, there is a point where things go too far. 'How often do you use the washroom?' can often be changed for 'how often do you think the washroom should be cleaned?'

DO be open to suggestion and changes

Most tenants these days want to have a space that they can modify to suit their own needs and tastes. By being open to discussion and possible changes they wish to make to the space, you are showing them that you are willing to work with them. This will be immeasurably helpful down the line when you two butt heads over something else. By starting with a good relationship, it makes it easier to retain one later.

DON'T be a pushover

While some flexibility is good, allowing your tenant to run the house is not a good thing, especially if you have already put in rules and guidelines for them to follow. While having that good relationship is essential, you cannot allow them to walk all over you with regards to certain expectations you have.

DO check in now and then

While you are required to give at least 24 hours notice before entering your tenant's space, checking in now and then in person can help to see potential problems before they become an issue. You can also see if they are holding to the terms and agreements that you have made, and find out if they have any requests for changes. Doing this in person also shows that you are on top of things, which is something that all tenants appreciate in their landlords.

There you have it, a few dos and don'ts for finding and keeping a good tenant in your rented space! Good luck in your search! For more assistance on this topic, consider hiring a property management service, like Two Rivers Investment, to weed out risky tenants and keep the good ones happy.