Should You Use A Realtor: Pros And Cons

Buying a new property can be exciting. You can't wait to get your new place and move into your new home. You may be so excited that you think about going out and buying the house on your own without waiting for a realtor. But, is not using a realtor in your best interest? What are the pros and cons of using a realtor to buy your new house?


There are several pros to keep in mind when you are trying to decide whether or not you should use a realtor. One of them is that you don't know what the history of the house is. Some states have laws that require the seller to disclose certain parts of the history of a house. Those can include things like murder scenes, former drug labs, and even if the house is reported to be haunted. Your state may also require the seller to disclose certain repairs to you, as well as any defects. However, it may not be an automatic disclosure. A realtor will be familiar with that information and make sure that you get the disclosure you are waiting for. 

Another pro is property value. Just because someone is asking $500,000 doesn't mean that the house or the neighborhood is actually worth $500K. The surrounding property values and neighboring houses may be worth much less than that, and you will end up overpaying. A realtor can help there because they will be able to find out that information for you so you can make an appropriate offer. 


There are some cons to choosing to work with a realtor as well. One of them is if you have personal knowledge of the property.If you are buying a property that you already know well, such as from a friend or family, then using a realtor may be not really be the best thing for you. You and the seller can handle all the paperwork on your own since you will be able to do away with things like bids and negotiations. Using a realtor will just add in a middleman who might not be as helpful as you need. 

In general, using a realtor (such as one from Realty in Alabama) to buy your property is only going to help you. They will make sure that you get the right property for you, and they will help you pay what you should for it. Then you can be really excited about buying your new house and moving into it.