Are You Moving to a New City?

If you are moving to a new city, you are probably having mixed emotions. Part of you is sad to be saying good-bye to loved ones and familiar places, and the other part of you is excited about new experiences. If you are planning to buy a home, finding the right one will give you peace of mind as you go forward in your move. Remember, buying a new house is one of the most important transactions you will make in your lifetime. If you follow these steps, you should have a good experience in buying your new home.

Find The Right Real Estate Company

You are probably selling the home you live in now. Have you been happy with the real estate company you are dealing with? If so, consider finding out if they have offices in your new area. If not, then they can still refer you to a reputable company. If you are selecting a company by yourself, find out if the company you are looking at has been in business for a long time. Another good sign is one where the office is a very busy one with real estate agents working hard for their clients.

Find The Right Real Realtor

Again, your present realtor will probably be able to give you an excellent recommendation as you buy a new house. If not, you might be able to make a connection to a good realtor through your work. Are you church goers? The pastor of your church can probably connect you with a trusted person in your new city. Remember, it's fine to talk to more than one agent until you find the one you know will work well with you.

Ask The Right Questions

Good communication is the key!

  • Is your agent a full-time realtor? Of course, you want somebody who is going to be working hard to find the right house for you.
  • Is your agent online? If so, you'll be able to preview houses.
  • How often will the agent contact you to fill you in on progress that's being made during the buying process?
  • Can your real estate agent make recommendations of the best school districts for your children?
  • Is she familiar enough with the city to recommend the best communities for you?
  • After you have purchased your new home, will your real estate agent still be available to answer questions or concerns?

You should feel good about the time you are investing into buying the right home for your family. Talk to a professional like Plaza Realty for more information.