Keeping Your Business Safe From Theft

If you own a business, one of the things that may be on your mind is how to keep it safe from being robbed. Theft is an unfortunate part of being a business owner and you will want to take the proper steps in keeping your building and belongings safe. Here are some steps you can take as precautionary measures to keep your business safe from robbery.

Alarm System

Consider having an alarm system installed in your establishment. This can alert authorities should there be a break-in. You can have an alarm that makes a lot of sound or you can opt for one that is silent, only tipping off the police that there is a robbery in progress. 

Lighting System

You will want to keep your establishment well-lit so that it will not look desirable to thieves. Make sure all entryways are lit up and leave a bright interior light on during the night-time hours to deter robbery. Thieves tend to rob places where there are shadows and areas they can remain undetected. After awhile, local law enforcement will become accustomed to certain lighting being on, and if there is a lapse in lighting, they may check your establishment to make sure that everything is alright.

Safe Location

If your establishment has any safes that are used to hold valuables, you will want to place them in an area that will be visible from outside the building. This is important because thieves do not want to be seen, and leaving your safe in an area of high-visibility will actually be a deterrent.

Bolt your safes to a table, wall or floor where they are in view but also shown to be attached. Take out any valuables when you leave for the night to be stored off-site, if possible. Keep the doors of the safes open to show potential robbers that there is nothing inside, saving your safes from being compromised in any way. The same should be done with any cash registers that you have on the premises. Consult with an expert from a company like Anytime Lock & Safe about installing your safe.

Door Locks

Have a few different door locks on your doors to help keep thieves from gaining entry. Having a lock that needs to be unlocked from both sides of the door will save your building if the thief decides to break glass in or near the door. They will not be able to open the lock by simply putting their arm through the broken glass. Using deadbolts from the inside can also be a big help.