Storing Your Boat For The Winter? 3 Storage Tips To Keep It In Good Condition

When it is time for Jack Frost to take over the weather, you should make sure you store your boat properly. This will ensure it is ready for you when it comes time to get it back on the water again. Below are five tips to put your boat to bed for the winter.

Gas and Oil

Before you put your boat in storage, fill it full of gas. If you do not, condensation will form on the walls of the tank. If this happens, when you fill it up in the spring, you will have water in the gas. This water can also pass into the engine's carburetor or the fuel injection system while in storage, and has to be physically removed by either a boat mechanic or you.

You should also change your oil. Any acids or water that may be in the oil will corrode your engine. Change the filter, drain all oil, and then add the new oil.

Fix Cracks

If you have a fiberglass boat, repair any cracks. Small problems like this can turn into larger problems over time. You also will not have to worry about fixing these problems when you take it out.

The best way to fix these cracks is to purchase a fiberglass repair kit. This kit includes everything you need, along with instructions to remove the scratches.

Clean the Boat

Give your boat a thorough cleaning. If you do not, you will meet up with a foul smelling boat when you bring it out of slumber. Purchase a cleaning product designed for your boat that will clean salt, fish blood, dirt, and grime. Follow the directions on how to dilute the product and use it.

Before you start, get the boat wet, and go over it with a scrub brush to remove any stuck-on grime. Never use a brush on a dry boat, as it will scratch it. When you are finished, clean it with the cleaning solution and a sponge starting at the top and work your way down.

If your boat has an outboard motor, do not forget to clean this also, as dirt and corrosive salts accumulate there.

When you are finished, use absorbent drying cloths to dry the boat off.  Mix half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle to clean any glass or windows. Wipe off the vinyl upholstery in the boat using a damp cloth. Follow this with a vinyl cleaner and a protectant.

Vacuum the carpet using hose attachments. Start at the front and work your way down. If you have stains on the carpet, purchase a quality carpet stain remover to clean them. When you are finished, you can use a carpet machine to steam clean the carpet, if you prefer.

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